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Patch's Canvas Manufacturing We Make it or Patch it
PVC & Canvas Products
Patch's Canvas Manufacturing We Make it or Patch it

Proud Member of
Australian Canvas and Synthetic Products Association

At Patch's Canvas Manufacturing
we make a large range of products for use on the farm. No job is too big or too small. From roof linings to haystack covers, at Patch's Canvas Manufacturing we can make it or patch it!

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Dam Liners Rope
Bunker Covers Cattle Signs
Machinery Covers Truck Signs
Haystack Covers Pig / Chicken Shed Curtains / Roof Linings
Field bin Covers  
Roll Tarps    

Dam Liners
All we need is the size and shape and we can make you a liner to suit. We use special materials and weld them together to make the correct size so they don't leak.
Pig / Chicken Shed Curtains / Roof Linings
Pig / Chicken Shed Curtains / Roof Linings
PCM manufacture Pig/Chicken shed curtains and roof linings to your desired size. No size is too large or small. We also make piggery covers. All our poly covers have welded joins so therefore no water leakage.
Bunker Covers
They are made from a variety of materials depending on your requirements. They come with a 3 year UV warranty and have welded joins.
Field bin Covers
Field bin covers can be any size.
Machinery Covers
We can make covers for farm machinary, to protect your valuable assets from the weather. Also industrial machinery covers for plants and equipment indoors.
Haystack Covers
They are made from woven polyethylene and reinforced eyelets at approximately 1.5m centres. They come with a 3 year UV warranty
Roll Tarps
Roll Tarps
Our roll tarps are made from quality 900 gsm or 800 gsm material, are reinforced and fully welded, they can be made with or without flaps, either fitted to the truck at our premises or we will provide you with fitting instructions to do the job yourself. We can supply you with details of how to set your truck up for a roll tarp. The materials we use can be easily repaired if the happen to get a hole in them.
At Patch's Canvas we sell and use Silver Rope. Silver Rope is manufactured by using a special Polyethylene extrusion process, which gives the ropes the distinctive hairy appearance of staple rope, but with superior strength. It is used in all our products requiring rope. We either sell it by the coil or by the metre and we can splice loops on the ends or put clips on the ends to stop fraying. When we cut the rope we use a special tool, which melts the ends to also stop fraying. The rope comes in 4mm. 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm.
Cattle Signs
Cattle Signs
We have in stock Victorian Regulation retro reflective stock signs.
-Temporary stock crossing signs R1-V6
-Droving stock signs R1-V5
Truck Signs
Truck Signs
We have the full range of retro-reflective Australian National Standards oversize signs and flags. These range from Oversize Load Ahead signs for support vehicles, Oversize metal, Oversize Poly signs, solid folding Oversize signs, Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle signs, Delineators.

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Patch's Canvas Manufacturing
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